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Project Five Consulting is a management consulting firm that serves businesses and organisations in the construction sector. We help our clients to make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals in their strategic journey. We have built a multi-channelled business that is recognised for leading expertise in performance improvement of the construction sector.  


There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside out. To be successful organisations must keep ahead of competitive forces, regulation and industry drivers for change. Our consultants are able to draw upon their industry specific experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure that all our clients are successful in achieving their goals.

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To ensure our clients continue to be successful we have developed an Academy to support further development of their people and businesses. From awareness level to advanced learning, in workshops and online, we are fully committed to improving industry performance through the transfer of our knowledge and skills.

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In 2017, we launched Project Five Creative providing creative and digital marketing solutions for the built environment. It all started when Tim bumped into Sophia on a web design course in 2015, he asked her to join the company to deliver our digital marketing plan. However, word got out, and clients started to ask for help with photography, film, web design, desktop publishing, digital marketing and much more.

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organisational resilience report

are we built on a house of cards?

The organisational resilience of the UK construction industry: Are we built on a house of cards? is a report written by Project Five Consulting. The purpose is to provide an overview of how resilient the industry is in relation to a range of internal and external factors. It explores the role of organisational resilience in enabling construction companies to adapt to changing conditions. It has been carried out in the context of BSI’s recent work to develop a model for resilience and the associated British Standard, BS 65000.


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