what we do

There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside out. To be successful organisations must keep ahead of competitive forces, regulation and industry drivers for change. Our consultants are able to draw upon their industry specific experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure that all our clients are successful in achieving their goals.

how we work

To achieve this journey, our approach is to move clients through a four stepped process which covers strategic choice, analysis, implementation and performance measurement:

Step 1: Strategic Choice

Answering the question ‘where do we want to get to?’, we use the latest strategic thinking and modelling techniques to work with leaders and their executive teams to determine a well-considered strategic choice

Step 2: Analysis

Using proven diagnostic, research and investigation methods, we are experienced in conducting in-depth analysis of an organisations current state to support the development of a plan for implementation of the future state.

Step 3: Implementation

The implementation phase turns plan into action. From people, leadership and team development, to process engineering and system integration we are able draw on a well-honed set of Lean business techniques to support the implementation of strategic change.

Step 4: Performance Measurement

Our explicit knowledge of the construction sector and its processes enables us to implement a range of relevant measurement solutions to help understand a true measure of success.

what we know

With a focus on the agenda affecting the construction sector our knowledge continues to evolve in key themes that are trending both nationally and internationally:

Changing the way construction performs through collaborative working, information management and digital skills.


Improving customer value, improving timescales and quality, through the use of Lean thinking.

Supporting clients to win work through successful bidding and creative marketing techniques.

Working with construction sector organisations to implement CSR and increase social return on investment through the activity of construction.

Improving the ability of organizations to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to change and disruption in order to survive and prosper.

Developing people and teams through emotional intelligence training & support programmes.

Working with clients to innovate and grow their businesses across market sectors and service categories.

Working with clients to improve their business through the implementation of industry bench-marked key performance indicators.

Working with construction companies to actively reduce carbon and environmental impact from their business operations.