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The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy: Do or Die

For decades now there has been concern that our consumption of resources and production of waste could exceed the earth’s capacity to produce these resources and absorb waste. According to

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BIM is ace

Why BIM requires Dynamic Capabilities

At Project Five our mission is to deliver a better construction sector by helping it to become more sustainable and efficient. And we’re nothing if not collaborative in our approach. We work closely with

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BIM: It’s good to talk!

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of managing change in relation to BIM. One of the foundations of successful change is good communication. Back in the mid 1990s, telecoms

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CAUTION: Talking Required

Mental Health Awareness Week – a few words Being national mental health awareness week and a topic I’m passionate about I thought I should take the opportunity to say a

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BIM: It’s all about change!

Building Information Modelling, or Digital Construction, is spearheading a revolution in the construction industry. It is arguably the single most important driver for change across the sector and BIM Level

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CSR: Not just for Big Boys…

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has come back into stark focus in recent years. Pivotal events such as the passing of the Public Services (Social Value) Act, 2013; Modern Slavery Act,

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Chinese Investment in Construction

The Great Brick Wall of China

Is Chinese investment bringing Chinese competition for UK contractors? The United Kingdom has become quite the hot spot destination for Chinese investment, and that’s not to say this isn’t because

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BIM: Are you ready to be a client?

Readiness for BIM Clients Earlier this year I wrote about about how ready the industry is for Building Information Modelling (BIM). The point was that while many organisations will tell us they

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) Construction Consultants

Does Size Matter for BIM?

The recent Construction News BIM survey suggests that perhaps size matters after all. The results suggest that BIM is more likely to be adopted by larger contractors and on larger projects.

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Procurement to the Rescue

There have been a multitude of reports that have been published over the past two decades focused on improving the construction industry.  The majority point to the failings of the industry

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Unlocking Productivity in Construction

Constructing Excellence has a track record of insightful and sometimes provocative reports (see Never Waste a Good Crisis) to promote debate around the improvement agenda for construction. Delivered by Project

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