organisational resilience report

The organisational resilience of the UK construction industry: Are we built on a house of cards? is a report written by Project Five Consulting. The purpose is to provide an overview of how resilient the industry is in relation to a range of internal and external factors. It explores the role of organisational resilience in enabling construction companies to adapt to changing conditions. It has been carried out in the context of BSI’s recent work to develop a model for resilience and the associated British Standard, BS 65000.

Due February 2018…

unlocking productivity report

In December 2015 Project Five produced this report Unlocking Productivity to provide a snapshot of what the barriers to innovation, hence productivity, are from the industry’s perspective and to provide an indication of the ways in which the sector believes these issues can be addressed.

The report was published by Constructing Excellence in December 2015.

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csr in construction report

This report provides a snapshot of current trends in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity and reporting across the construction sector.  It is a useful reflection of the current state of CSR reporting for audiences who take an interest in the subject. Construction clients, corporate stakeholders, academics and students, and policy makers will also find the report useful.

Published in January 2016

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