Work Experience: Success doesn’t just happen overnight.

Work experience can be great for young people who are at a point in their life when they are deciding what they want to do when they finish education, or in my case find out which jobs are available and which ones I enjoy. I have done three weeks of work experience with three different companies. Airbus, ZF and my most recent one Project Five.

Why is work experience important?

Many people say that work experience can be a waste of time, I disagree with this statement because work experience has been really helpful in assisting in what I want to do with my future and the path I will need to take to get there. If I didn’t take part in work experience I still wouldn’t have a plan for my future. At a point in my work experience at Project Five I had a one to one with the managing director, Tim, and he has made me aware that to be successful I need to work harder than anyone else and success doesn't just happen overnight.

I have read articles saying that work experience

"doesn't mean that the candidate has learned something valuable."

This can be the case because when I did work experience at Airbus I felt that they were focusing more on showing me what goes on at Airbus instead of me actually participating in the work that goes on there. But  having said that, I did find it very interesting how a global company such as Airbus operates.

I also did a week of work experience with ZF, a brake manufacturing company. I found the week really interesting and was able to take a lot away from my week there, this being how friendly the employees were to me and the amount of effort they put in to involve me with tasks I was able to take part in.

Project Five Consulting

Before my week at Project Five I didn’t completely understand what a business consultant does, all I understood was they improve businesses. However, as the week's gone on I have become aware that they help work out what the business's vision is and advise the business's they work with how to achieve it.  

After working with the Project Five team I see consultancy as a great option as a potential career and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.  

Written by Scott Williams, work experience student July 2018.

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