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expert in organisational resilience

Project Five Consulting is a boutique management consultancy dedicated to improving the organisational resilience of construction sector firms.

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We want the built environment and the business of constructing it, to be a force for good.

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The Organisational Resilience of the UK Construction Industry:
Are we built on a house of cards?

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of how resilient the industry is in relation to a range of internal and external factors. It explores the role of organisational resilience in enabling construction companies to adapt to changing conditions. It has been carried out in the context of BSI’s work to develop a model for resilience and the associated British Standard, BS 65000.

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There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside out. To be successful organisations must keep ahead of competitive forces, regulation and industry drivers for change. We are dedicated to the construction sector and have specific industry knowledge to support better performance and outcomes, industry-wide.


Our dedication towards finding new knowledge continues to influence change in the construction sector. Our programmes of research are self sponsored and client commissioned and are focused on achieving better performance and outcomes, for all stakeholders, industry-wide.