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our knowledge

Finding knowledge is our investment. Transferring knowledge is our return.

At Project Five Consulting we continue to invest in the search for new knowledge to support our management science led approach to intervention, and our contextual focus on understanding the trends and challenges impacting construction sector firms. Below are examples of our most influential work.

survey findings: investment in leadership and management skills pays dividends

10 JANUARY 2019

Engineering and construction companies that offer career progression and personal development in leadership and management are more likely to attract and retain talent whilst two thirds of employees believe leadership and management training will improve their overall personal performance.

organisational resilience report

MARCH 2018

The organisational resilience of the UK construction industry: Are we built on a house of cards? is a report written by Project Five Consulting. The purpose is to provide an overview of how resilient the industry is in relation to a range of internal and external factors. It explores the role of organisational resilience in enabling construction companies to adapt to changing conditions. It has been carried out in the context of BSI’s recent work to develop a model for resilience and the associated British Standard, BS 65000.

csr in construction report


This report provides a snapshot of current trends in CSR activity and reporting across the construction sector.  It is a useful reflection of the current state of CSR reporting for audiences who take an interest in the subject. Construction clients, corporate stakeholders, academics and students, and policy makers will also find the report useful.

unlocking productivity report

JULY 2015

This report has been prepared by Project Five Consulting on behalf of Constructing Excellence to summarise the results from a survey carried out between May and July 2015. The survey was designed to gather industry perceptions on the barriers to innovation, and hence productivity, and to provide some insights into the root causes of – and potential solutions to – those barriers.